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The Quadriga in Brief

From March 2006 until April 2007, sculptors Artur Wochniak, Zielona Gora/Grünberg, und Arletta Kindermann, Hamburg, have been working on the six plaster models – 4 horses, the wagon and the figure of Brunonia – on the basis of the original models of Ernst Rietschel (1804 – 1861).

Bronze Casting
The traditional bronze casting manufacturer DBA Emil Kosicki in Komorniki near Poznan/Posen carried out the bronze casting from autumn 2006 until January 2008 and the subsequent assembling took until September 2008.

Length: 9.5 m, width: 7.5 m, height: 9.2 m, weight: 25.8 t.

Silica bronze, interior structural support made of high quality steel, high quality steel pedestal and zinc plated iron girders.

The third Quadriga has been donated by the Richard Borek family and Richard Borek GmbH, Braunschweig.

Viewing of the Quadriga
Visitors are able to view the Quadriga close up for a small fee. Opening times: Monday - Sunday 10am – 4.30 pm or until dusk.

Closed on 24., 25., 26., and 31. December

The entrance to the steps is right of the portico and sign posted “Quadrigaaufgang“ (Access to the Quadriga). The platform on top of the palace can be accessed either by using stairs or a lift and stairs for the short remaining distance to the platform. Details (German Version) 

The 2 € entrance fee will be initially used to cover the costs for the design and technical equipment of the access area, the preliminary financing was also provided by the Richard Borek Foundation. Once these costs have been refunded, the full proceeds from the entrance fees will go to the Palace Museum Foundation. The city of Braunschweig will be responsible for the accounts and will cover all running costs.

To view the details of the donation contract online in full please go to www.braunschweig.de/quadrigavertrag.

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