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Press Area

In this section provides press releases, supplementary materials, pictures and drawings for press coverage. Should you require additional material or information, please contact:

Susanne Thiele
Press and Public Relations Department
Braunschweig Stadtmarketing GmbH
Kleine Burg 14
38100 Braunschweig

Telephone: 05 31- 4 70 37 59
Fax: 05 31- 4 70 44 45
Mobile: 0171/14 74 796
E-mail: susanne.thiele@braunschweig.de

To all press releases and supplementary materials (german version)

Service for Journalists

Quadriga - Hotline:
Further information on the arrival of the shipment from Poznan will be available from 14 October from 3pm. Please call our hotline 0531/470-2189.

From 14 October until 26 October, the daily Ticker will keep you updated with the latest news from the Quadriga-workshop on this internet page or per e-mail. Register here for our e-mail service

The web-cam will show the latest pictures from the portico of the Ducal Palace and the Quadriga workshop from 14 October onwards. www.braunschweig.de/quadrigawebcam

Up-to-date pictures are shown daily from 14 October onwards. Please click here (german version) http://www.braunschweig.de/quadriga/fotomaterial_quadriga.html

with Mr Emil Kosicki, foundry Poznan (Poland)
17 October 08 , 11am Quadriga-workshop, Ducal Palace

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